Personal Sponsors

Campbell does not currently have any headline brand associations. If you are interested in using Campbell as an ambasador for your brand and/or would like to advertise on his equipment, please get in touch.
Water-to-Go make filtered water bottles that remove virtually all contiminants. Perfect for drinking tap water when I travel, and I can even scoop and drink river water whilst training!
I've been hooked up with some awesome Drunkn Munky clothes to keep me comfortable and looking good off the water. Check out their cool range of hoodys, tshirts, jeans, shoes etc!

Canoeing Equipment Sponsors

I'll be using the Galasport Sonic for the 2012 season. It's a popular and stable boat that feels especially at home on the Lee Valley course. I'll also be using the newly CE approved carbon 'Tony' helmet.
Sandiline make awesome paddling kit at their factory in Slovenia. It's always important to look good and the slim fit designs are perfectly tailored for slalom racing. The riverplay range looks pretty sweet too.
Beautiful paddles from the Czech Republic. Raab blades and shafts are feather light and incredibly well finished. I use 'Typ Raab' blades on the cranked shaft.

Funding and Service Provision

Lottery funding distributed through UK Sport changed our small sport from almost completely amateur to virtually professional. This is the source of the vast majority of funding for the GB Canoeing program.
GB Canoeing run an excellent high-performance slalom program. I have superb access to coaching, facilities, training camps, physiotherapy and medical support, plus much more! I also recieve a personal award which allows me to train full-time.
The British Olympic Association help provide additional support services and athlete benefits. Including an extremely useful and valuable Transport For London travel card!
The Scottish Institute of Sport have helped provide me with more athlete services over the years.

GB Canoeing Sponsors

Official sponsor of GB Canoeing, Tesco have their international HQ just a mile from the London 2012 slalom venue. They provide additional funding towards the GB Canoeing program.
GB Canoeing partner Science in Sport are world leaders and provide me with all my specialist sports nutrion needs. My favourite products are Strawberry Rego and Build Bars.

More supporters

Polar UK were kind enough to supply me with an RS400 heart rate monitor. It's an awesome gadget, and an integral part of my training program.
Video analysis is an important part of training and racing. Dartfish is without doubt the best software for this. They kindly gave me a personal license to use their software.
Through the BOA, David Lloyd at Enfield have given me a complimentary membership. I like to go for recovery in the ambient environment.
Helly Hansen are a major player in the outdoor clothing industry. I use their world famous base layer products to keep me warm and dry whilst training on and off the water.